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Publicado el 24 ene. 2015

São Paulo, Brazil 2013 - MAGRELA, born and raised in the laid-back neighborhood of Vila Madalena, is a talented artist who has been painting the streets of São Paulo for the past 6 years. While living there in 2011-2012, I discovered her work on many of the walls throughout the city. Larger-than-life women, sometimes in desperate situations, depicted using beautiful colors, always caught my attention. MAGRELA, which in English translates to 'very skinny', possesses a unique style that sticks out from other artists' in São Paulo's graffiti scene for various reasons. Her stroke is organic but well-trained and she uses earth tone colors to make her feminine subjects seem more lifelike than cartoonish. Magrela not only paints with a spray can in hand, but also incorporates brushes, rollers, fingers and other instruments that allow her to pronounce textures within her murals.

In April 2013 Magrela sat down with me to discuss her thoughts on being a woman street artist as well as what it's like to live in a chaotic city like São Paulo.

This is the first vignette in a documentary series dedicated to women street artists from North and South America.

Directed, filmed and edited by Alexandra Henry.


Apropiación del espacio público, territorio y movilidad
Apropiación del espacio público, territorio y movilidad
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Expresiones artísticas


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